Changes and Questions

Welcome to the new and improved!  Since beginning this site back in 2002, I have made at least 4 different face lifts.  This one has to be my favorites.  Very special thanks to Wanakhavi Wakhisi for his excellent eye behind the camera and his patience to guide me through the process.  I am not comfortable in front of the camera but he kept it simple and that was the key to making the shoot a success.

Making changes to this site runs in complete parallel with my life right now.  The past two years have been full of changes and I would be lying if I said that it hasn’t been a challenge.  With the challenge came lessons and that is truly a blessing.  Every day I feel myself becoming more and more comfortable with where I am.  Thankfully music has been there to comfort me through it all.   While my practicing has slacked off more than I would like, my ears remain glued to jazz.  It’s magical power to sooth and inspire has been my anchor. My security blanket.

The biggest change?  They say a picture is worth a 1000 words and this picture says it all.

Yes, Jazzbrew will be a first time father at the tender of age of 43.

My life track record will tell the story of a man who launches off into a new adventure at a later age than most.  When I picked up the trumpet for the first time at 30 years of age, my sister told that things come to us when we?re ready for them.  I had my doubts but she was right.  Trumpet and improvisation requires a dedication that I did not have until I got
into my 30s.  Apparently the universe is telling me that I am finally ready for fatherhood.  Henry Michael (yes, it’s a boy) is scheduled to arrive in mid-late August.

The excitement of it coupled with questions are enough to fill another blog site which I would certainly do if I wasn?t already swamped with responsibilities.  Those questions include…

Am I ready?
Will I be able to afford the new financial challenges?
What will he look like?
Will he be healthy and happy?
Will I be a good role model?
Will he like jazz and be musically inclined?

All of these questions will get answered in good time but one needed to be addressed immediately?

Would I still have the time and energy to devote to my pursuit of becoming a good jazz trumpet player?

Everyone has told me that my life will change with the arrival and responsibility of a child.  I totally get that and I embrace it.  The concern is will I have time in an already busy schedule to practice trumpet enough to actually maintain my chops and more importantly improve?

I don’t have that answer yet but I have to try.  To give up music and my desire to be a better musician would be the equivalent of leaving a part of me behind.  I don’t want to do that.  In fact, if I continue to work at my craft I believe I will be an even BETTER father.

That in itself justifies the effort that I pour into a passion that doesn?t yield any real financial benefits.  The payoff is felt in my soul.  It completes me.  I think my son would agree that a happy father is the best kind to have.

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