Extended Social Media Vacation / Chris Potter is a Monster

I’ve been addicted to social media.

Granted, I don’t think I’m as bad as most but for me a break was required.  The amount of time I spent on Facebook or Instagram mindlessly scrolling through posts or pictures was too high.  This was time that I could spent reading, doing some focused music listening, practicing or more importantly being present with my family.

I have an addictive personality.  I know I can’t simply spend less time on social media.  If you have that ability, you are my hero.  I can’t.  I need to go cold turkey to break the habit.  Once I feel ready, I’ll tip toe back into it and try to develop a more healthy relationship.  Before that happens I need to develop new healthy habits (for me) and then use Facebook / Instagram as the fantastic marketing tool that it is.  Yes, it’s a great way to stay in touch with family and friends but at it’s core – it’s a marketing tool.

I’m on day 5 of the break.  I’ve found that I don’t spend as much time on my phone as I used to which is great – especially when I’m supposed to be spending time with my family, listening to what they are saying or watching a movie together.  I have been guilty of being distracted too many times so it is a huge change and enough of a benefit to keep it going.  Still not sure how long.

If anyone is curious about some of the articles that talk about social media and their effects on our lives – please hit me and I’ll send you some links.  You can also just hit YouTube and perform a few searches.  The info is out there for all.  Thanks to Damian Coccio for sending me really informative stuff.

A great byproduct of this break is I plan to spend more time on this site.  More writing, more posting videos and more development to make it better.  One of the first things I’ve done is setup a subscription option.  You can subscribe to receive updates via the subscription box on the right.  I welcome you to sign up and I thank you in advance.  This also puts a bit more pressure on me to post more regularly.  🙂

Chris Potter is a Monster

I’m a big fan of musician Bob Reynolds and his YouTube Vlog.  One of my favorite posts was a recording of one of his gigs with tenor sax giant Chris Potter.  Bob plays with Snarky Puppy and on one particular gig, Chris Potter agreed to sit in on a tune.  What happened on that stage was truly magical and in my opinion the perfect example of a player who has mastered his instrument and can respond to the sounds heard around him.

Watching this on YouTube gave me goosebumps.  The really cool thing was yesterday morning I had this video playing on TV.  My oldest son Henry walked into the room after waking up and watched the entire performance in silence.  His head moved up and down in response to the rhythm and pulse.  Normally he is a chatter box (like most 5 year old kids) but in this moment he was mesmerized.

So sounds like I need to either practice a lot more or find out if Chris would be interested in baby sitting my kids.  Music is powerful stuff.

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